Preceda Self Service

Preceda Self-Service session will provide participants with the skills and knowledge establish and maintain the Self Service application; to enable their employees to view and maintain selected windows within their own file.

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At the completion of this Training session, participants will be able to:

  • Create and maintain a Self-Service theme for your organisation
  • Review which Preceda windows are accessible by employee groups
  • Design and maintain Payroll Templates
  • Establish and maintain Self Service Access Profiles
  • Establish and maintain Self Service Navigator Menus
  • Establish and maintain Self Service Group Profiles
  • Create and Maintain Time Templates
  • Establish and maintain User Profiles and Passwords
  • Process on-line Leave Applications
  • Import and test Timecard Entry and Approved Leave
  • Import and test Preceda Time entries (if Time Module has been implemented)


Participants must have an understanding of their own organisational self service requirements. If on-line Leave Applications are to be processed, the Position Structure must have been established, and be up to date. Participants who attend must come prepared knowing which Preceda windows will be made available to employees, via desktop and/or mobile devices.