Preceda Reporting Basics

Preceda Reporting Basics session will cover the key functions to extract and format your Preceda data into Microsoft Excel™, Adobe Portable Document Format™ (pdf), or as a data file for creating Crystal Reports™ –. Basic reports will be created to display Preceda data in a meaningful manner.

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At the completion of this Training session, participants will be able to:

  • Create Extracts and display information in Excel spread sheets
  • Add Sorting Criteria within the Extract
  • Add Selection Criteria within the Extract Definition, for date ranges
  • Add Basic Summary Criteria
  • Save the Extract definition for processing by others
  • Export Preceda data in .csv format for import into other applications
  • Export Preceda data in pdf format for distribution of tamper-proof reports
  • Extract Preceda data into text file for Mail Merge in Microsoft Word™
  • Create basic lists of data, including Leave Entitlements, Birthday Lists, Overtime Lists, and Phone Lists etc.


Participants should have successfully completion of the Preceda Introduction session. Participants must also have a working knowledge of their organisation’s reporting requirements. Please bring along your company logo in jpeg format (small and large format) if you would like to attach it to an Extracted report.