Preceda Workflows Workshop

Preceda Workflow Training session will enable participants to create a basic workflow in Preceda, understanding Roles, Tasks and Actions that can be included into a customised workflow. This scheduled Training session will enable a Termination Workflow, notifying nominated parties of an imminent termination.

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At the completion of this Training session, participants will be able to:

  • Map out a workflow requirement for their organisation
  • Create and maintain a Roles for use within Preceda workflows
  • Create and maintain Tasks and Actions within those Tasks
  • Create and maintain a Termination workflow
  • Manage workflow tasks in the absence of tasks not being completed
  • Apply a simple workflow test plan


Participants must have an understanding of their own organisational workflow requirements, and should have successfully completed Preceda Introduction session. See next page for details of other Preceda functionality to be implemented prior to Workflows.