Preceda Recruitment

Preceda Recruitment is designed for clients who are implementing the Recruitment Module, and want to learn how the functionality can improve their business processes. During this session, rules will be established to suit your business requirements; data will be entered to ensure that the outcomes achieve these identified requirements.
This session will train you to manage the recruitment process from initial notification of requests for new staff, through interviews, and recording of alternative positions.

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At the completion of this Training session, participants will be able to:


  • Competently navigate around the Preceda Recruitment Module
  • Establish and maintain Position Requisitions
  • Record and report Advertising Costs
  • Establish and maintain Applicant records
  • Record and report Interview Details
  • Track Applicant Details against specific Requisitions
  • Create and maintain Applicant Notes
  • Process successful Applicants into Preceda
  • Process (provided) Recruitment Reply letters within Crystal Reports (if installed)


Participants should have completed the Preceda Introduction Training session, and should have an understanding of the existing recruitment policies within their own organisation.