Preceda Competency Framework

Preceda Competency Framework workshop is designed for clients who are implementing Competency frameworks into their business. During this session, rules will be established to suit your business requirements, and some data will be entered to ensure that the outcomes achieve these identified requirements.

It will enable participants to be able to set up their own competency modelling within Preceda, to then be able to determine competency gaps and Training needs within their own organisation.

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At the completion of this Training session, participants will be able to:

  • Competently navigate around the Preceda Competency Framework Module
  • Establish and maintain Competency Codes
  • Assign Competency Codes to the appropriate level within a competency model
  • Understand the links between competencies, position definitions, employee records, and Training courses
  • Integrate Competency Management into:
    • Position Definitions, to record required competencies within each position
    • Employee Records, to record attained competencies, and also to review any competency gaps between the employee and the allocated position
    • Applicant Records, to record attained competencies as part of the selection process
    • Training Courses, to record which competencies are delivered within various Training packages
  • Process a Competency Gap Report to identify a Training needs report


Participants must have completed the Preceda Training Module session, and should have an understanding of the existing Competency Model in use within their own organisation.