Introduction to Crystal Reports

Introduction to Crystal Reports session will provide Preceda users with basic Crystal Reports functional knowledge, via Extractor. This course is designed for users to become quickly proficient in creating and modifying basic reports.

Crystal Reports™ is a third party reporting tool that allows data to be extracted from Preceda, then manipulated and presented in a user-friendly, customised format.

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At the completion of this Training session, participants will be able to:

  • Build and process Extracts into Excel
  • Integrate Extracts into Crystal Reports
  • Build basic Crystal Reports
  • Add Groups and Summaries to reports to create meaningful information
  • Add basic graphs to reports
  • Use the Report Expert to create fast reports
  • Download and process the suite of Advanced Reports
  • Able to manually export data from a Crystal Report to Excel or Adobe Acrobat


Participants must have a working knowledge of computers in general, as well as an understanding of their own organisational reporting requirements. Participants should have also attended Preceda Reporting Basics prior to attending this session.